Friday, March 27, 2009

Give Glory To God, Saints!

Grace and peace...

The Bible tells us in Luke 13:11-3, that there was a woman with an infirmity. That she could not stand upright. She could not stand up straight. For 18 years. But when Jesus saw her, the Bible says, He called her to Himself.

I want to stop here for a second to say this, we want Jesus to see us. We want Him to see our infirmities, to see what ails us, troubles us, our diseases. We want Him to see that we need help. The Bible says that Jesus was teaching in the synagogue and I have to believe that there many people in the synagogue, the church. It wasn’t like now a days where in some neighborhoods you might have a church on nearly every corner, so more than likely the church is not going to be overflowing with people. So I have to believe there were more than a few people on hand. But the Bible says, “But when Jesus saw her” in the midst of the crowd, in the midst of the people, He saw her. He saw her affliction. And He called her to Himself. He probably said come here Woman. And obviously she came and then He said, “Woman thou art loosed from your infirmity.”

I want to stop again, to say this, we have to realize the awesome power of the Word of God. Jesus is the Word. This is Jesus speaking. Because the Bible tells us in John 18, after Judas betrayed Jesus, that when the soldiers came looking for Jesus and asked if He was He, Jesus simply said, I am He. And just as soon as He spoke that, they fell "as" dead, down to the ground. At the very sound of His voice. Of His Word. I see that infirmity that that woman had, dying when Jesus spoke that she was loosed from it. Because everything has a name, every sickness, every disease and every infirmity and every name MUST bow at the name of Jesus. That infirmity bowed.

Then the Bible goes on to say that “And He laid His hands on her and immediately she was made straight and glorified God. Now this is the point I want to share, Jesus called the woman to Himself, laid hands on her and immediately she was made whole, but it continues AND glorified God. Get this in your spirit... she was made whole AND glorified God. In the present, in her present circumstance, in your present trouble, situation, sickness, infirmity, right then, glorify God.

I am reminded of the 10 lepers. Jesus healed all of them and they all ran off without saying thank you, but one. One returned and gave God the glory. Don’t run off without giving God thanks. Immediately, in the present, at that time, glorify God. Don’t wait until the manifestation, don’t wait until later, don’t wait until you get home, don’t wait until you are around other saints, don’t wait until you are alone, immediately, AND when Jesus touches you, glorify God! As it happens, glorify God. You were sick, someone prayed for you, laid hands on you, receive it AND glorify God.

The Bible says by the stripes of Jesus you are healed. Don’t wait for the manifestation. You’ve been wanting something; Jesus took note of it and told you, you shall have it. Receive it AND glorify God.

I want to say this as well, the word AND requires immediate action. There is no hesitation with and. It flows. It runs continuously with the previous thing. It’s not like the word then, because then follows what happened before it. It can allow a delay in action. It might give you a moment or two. While AND is in the same space of time. And speaks now. The woman was made whole AND glorified God the Bible says. She didn’t wait. She gave God the glory right then and there no matter who was around to see it or hear it. I can hear her say, HALLELUJAH, thank you Jesus!

And that is how we should be… as God does things for us, we need to give Him the glory. He will receive it any way, but it is far better for us to give it to Him. God is good. He is too good for us to be taking what He gives us and run off with it. I encourage you today not to be like those lepers, but be more like this woman who glorified God in the present. God is worthy!

Give Glory to God saints, and sing Hallelujah!

God is real.
A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E