Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Follow The Leader

You said you want your life to change.
You said you’re tired. That you’re tired of being sick and tired.
It’s been a long journey.  A tough road... and you just want things to be different.
You want the promises that I have spoken to you to come to pass. 
You said you want to recover all the things that the enemy has stolen from you.
Then follow the leader.
Follow him.
Follow him as he follows Christ.
Follow him as he follows Me.
Speak the Word.
Your leader speaks My Word. I have put it in his mouth.
His tongue speaks of my righteousness.
It is a tongue of the learned, that he would know how to speak a word
in season to him who is weary. Follow him and live.
He speaks in a language that I understand.
He speaks words of faith. He speaks words of hope.
He speaks words of life.  Of strength.  Of victory.
He shouts unto Me with a voice I recognize… the voice of triumph!
Follow him.

Hear the Word.
Take the time to listen.
The leader pays earnest attention to the things that he has heard.
Those things the leader has seen Jesus do, those things he has heard Jesus did,
The leader does.
You have an ear, hear the Word.
Accept it and bear fruit. Keep it.  Meditate on it. Believe it.
The leader welcomes my Word as Truth and allows it to do an effective work on him.
A work that brings about change.
Follow him.

Live the Word.
Be a doer of it.
You see how the leader lives. Not by bread alone, but by My every Word.
His faith is on display right before you.
It is sign on his hand and frontlets between his eyes.
It is hidden in his heart that he won’t sin against Me.
Follow him.

Follow him.
Follow him as he follows Christ.
Follow him as he follows Me.
Follow him and live.