Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Silent Sniper No More

Recently someone was facing some issues on one of the social networking sites of which I am a member. She stated that no sooner than making the confession to live debt-free, several things had begun happening. She was a little down about it and just wondered a little bit about God and how this could happen. And I commented back on the post and just reminded her that every time we as saints of God, make a confession to live according to His Word and His Will for our lives, the enemy is going to come. Because his job is to kill, to steal and to destroy and he has to try and discourage us from receiving the blessings of God in whatever way he can. So I told her that she made this confession and immediately satan came to do what he does, to try and steal, kill or destroy her faith in what she was believing God to do for her. And I told her that she should not be surprised. (And this is a side note to all of you…) Expect him to come. The Word says he comes immediately after the Word of God is spoken over your life to steal the Word and to stop it from falling on good ground. You make this confession that will bring God glory in your life and the enemy of God, really, (because he only hates you because he hates God), but he has got to come and stop that from happening. He would not be who he is if he didn’t do so. Make your confession, receive the Word and expect him to come. Look for him to come. In fact you should look for him because if he doesn’t come maybe you missed something along the line when the Word went forth, so he is not threatened. But anyway, I posted this as a reply and another member posted a comment, complimenting me actually and saying that I was a “silent sniper.”
Now I know for surety that my sister in Christ had no evil intentions towards me… I am on these websites and for the most part I’ll read what someone posts for my edification and I’ll receive it or not…. And only when my spirit leaps do I say anything about what is posted. But God. As I thought on what happened and what she said, God convicted me and He said, “You are not a silent sniper. I don’t want you to be a silent sniper. I want you to open your mouth.” And I said, but I am Lord (opening my mouth). But God said, “No. You need to be on the offensive.” He said, “Too many times we are trying to defend ourselves from what the enemy does… but not so for you anymore, you need to be going after him.”
Saints of God, it is not enough for us to simply be taking and then trying to overcome what the enemy does to us, we need to go after him. We need to go into his territory and mess some things up. (And really he has no territory, every place we tread is ours, saith the Lord). The word says, the kingdom suffers violence and the violent must take it by force. So kingdom people, we need to go and mess with the devil’s plans. In lots of ways, in any way… you know someone that does not know the Lord and you know, because you see it, all the ways the enemy keeps it that way… by giving them other things to do whenever they are invited to go to church, or whenever you call them, they are always wrapped up in something. Even the attacks that come in their life come to draw them closer to the Lord, but the enemy finds a way to make them completely lose focus. You know people like this. God says that satan is going after their souls… and he is winning, but we need to interrupt his plan for that person and intercede on their behalf. We need to persevere in inviting them to church, persevere in sharing the word, persevere in showing them Godly love and letting them know that God is the source of all comfort and He loves them and only wants to have a relationship with them. We give up when things don’t happen quick fast and in a hurry. Show a little love and support but the minute they don’t respond, we say that’s it I am not doing anymore. But satan doesn’t stop. He just keeps on at it. He keeps on working on them. We need to say not so and every attack he makes should be a counterattack to what we’ve already done. He should be trying to undo our “damage” rather than we, his. Let’s get it correct, he is the one that needs to be defending himself, not us. We have a great Defender! We just need to show some offense.
God says we need to be going after the enemy. Start stepping on his face. His neck. Waking up in the morning and showing him what we got in store for him. Instead of the other way around. He goes after us, he goes after our loved ones, he sets his sight on them and just LIKE a lion (he’s not a lion) he pounces. We need to be going after him, not waiting to be on the defensive end and undo the damage he does to us.
A simple example… when somebody sneezes, we need to pray for them then. We don’t need to wait until it develops into the flu and they can’t get out of bed before we start praying for them. God says recognize the need around you and do something about it before the enemy gets his hand all in it. We must realize that it is harder for us to come out or fight against something once it has begun. That’s why we need to be praying always. For the stuff that is going to come after. We pray now for the fight later.
No more silent sniper. For me or for you. Tell the enemy it’s on now! You need to be looking out for me! Here I come.
God is real.
Be blessed.
A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E