Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Ain’t Buying That!

There is a TV commercial that comes on like it is a news flash… a news
bulletin. In fact there are several now. I’m even told there is one that
comes on like it is coming from the President. But anyway, it comes on
like it is interrupting the scheduled program, and it actually says, “This
is an important message regarding your current home mortgage.” And it does
this because it wants you to stop whatever it is you are doing and pay
attention. And one of the commercials goes on to state that the government
has issued some new rates in mortgages that you need to take advantage of
right now. And all this time this woman is sitting behind a desk looking
the part of an actual news broadcaster and she is talking about getting a
mortgage. And in another of the commercials they pan over to a man as if
he is on ‘location’ somewhere and he goes on to talk about mortgage rates.
And he tells you that you must call this number on the bottom of your
screen right now in order to benefit. And from the first time I saw these
commercials they bothered me, because they actually made me stop and look,
only to realize that it was some sort of trick, some advertising gimmick.

Now these commercials have actually been coming on for over a year now.
And I shared this with my church, as the Holy Ghost began to reveal
something to me. What these commercials are doing, in the name of selling
mortgage mind you, is peddling fear. What this particular advertiser is
doing is taking what the “media” is talking about, what people have been
concerned with, and they are selling it. But the “it” that they are
selling, is fear. They may actually have a good mortgage loan system, but
what they are basing it on, more so, is the fear that people have that they
won’t be able to pay their mortgages. Anyway, you know what, I’m not
interested and I’m not buying it. Neither should you.

We have to know this, that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of
love, power and a sound mind. So when fear comes, we need to reject it.
Worry comes, we need to reject it. Doubt, anxiety, all these things that
stem from fear, we need to send them back. Think about it for a moment,
when you fear, you cannot believe. You cannot have faith. And you cannot
please God because the Bible says that without faith it is impossible to
please God. I am sure we have heard many times, fear is the opposite of
faith. Fear is unbelief. But it yet works the same way as faith.
Whatever it is you will attract, good or bad. Job said the thing I feared
the most has come upon me.

In this time, what the media is saying so much is that we are in a
recession. (I’m not confessing that, because the kingdom of God is not in
a recession). And since the media is saying that, people are fearing not
having any money. And if you fear that, you are not believing God to be
your Provider. You are not believing His promise that He is your Source.
That like the psalmist said, I have NEVER seen the righteous forsaken or
His seed begging for bread. You find yourself doubting everything the Word
says. So you have to rebuke the fear. Advertisers are taking what the
media is talking about and using it to their advantage, based on fear.

There is a letter that we received some time ago and stamped on the outside
of the envelope was “info about your stimulus check, enclosed.” (I don’t
know anyone who has actually received a stimulus check, but that’s another
story). But anyway, I opened and inside, you know what it was they were
selling, fear. It said that I had to fill out this form (some type of
questionnaire) and send it in, in order to receive my stimulus check.
Fear. I’m not buying it and I’m not interested.

Then from time to time, we received notices from the gas company. And
printed boldly on the envelope it says, “Worrying about your heater going
out?” Uh, no, I am not worried. Whatever you are selling I don’t want it.
I am not buying it. Worry is fear. And I’m not interested.

We’ve received notices from the water sewage company saying, “Did you know
that you are responsible if your pipes break in the street in front of your
house?” No. But I know the devil is a liar. Fear. I’m not interested in
buying that one either.

You know, just today I struggled myself with believing what God said to me.
I had a dream and I was to share it with someone. And because I feared
that what God said would not happen for this person, I did not want to
share it. But, God! Once He showed me that fear was involved, I was able
to move on and to do what I was told. Sometime we allow fear to paralyze
us from being obedient to what WE KNOW God told us to do. And I almost
bought into the fear, which I have done too many times to count. Thank
God, He opened my eyes to it today, (the fear) and I returned it to its
“advertiser”, before the purchase went through. No fear here! I don’t
want it and I am not buying it.

We must be careful to see the fear in whatever form it comes and we must
not receive it. Fear of believing God at His Word can cause us not to
receive His promise. And that is whatever He has spoken to you, whatever
you know His Word says you can have. So many things in this world are
peddling fear. Trying to sell it to you. The advertisers pounce (who else
pounces but the enemy), but they pounce on whatever is going on at the
moment, the hot topic, hyped up by the media of course, and they put it in
a little package and they market it. To you. But if you look real
closely, the package says fear. And you need to reject it. If you don’t
want it then don’t buy it!

God is good and He’s real.

A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E


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