Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Close Your Eyes

Years ago when we were living in Englewood, I was coming home from the supermarket with some groceries. And usually when I have groceries I would walk through the garage of course because it would lead straight to the kitchen. And I would leave the garage door opened so that I could see where I was going to get to the door to the kitchen. But this particular day, I guess because I only had but one bag, I allowed the garage door to close and found myself standing in the dark. Immediately I wanted to reach back and open the garage door, but I couldn't.

I decided to 'chance' my way in the dark through the garage, hoping to not bump into or fall over anything and I asked the Lord, "Please Lord get me to the door." I managed to get into the kitchen without accident or incident. I could not see a thing. And it was almost as if my eyes were closed. In fact, they might as well have been. And as I arrived I heard the Lord say to me, just as I guided you in the dark, is how I want to guide you in your life. You were totally dependent on Me to get you to the door, and I did, and that is how I want you to be dependent on Me in every area of your life.

And God reminded me of this, this morning... if we could just get in our Spirit that sometimes in our walking by faith, we need to close our eyes to the things that we see. Sometimes situations, circumstances, finances, people and even weather, can throw us off course and cause us to lose hope, to lose sight, to be in darkness. And sometimes we need to close our eyes to it. In doing so, we will open the door for God to order our steps and guide us in the way that we should go, in the way that we should think, we should see.

God said, when it comes to your life, allow yourself to be in total darkness (not concerned with how it's going to work out) and just simply trust Him to work it out, knowing that He can see in the midst of the darkness and He WILL bring you to the light.

God is real.

Be blessed today and allow Him to show you.

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