Friday, November 18, 2011

She Needs To Know

You see her... yeah, her.

She needs to know that I am God.

She needs to know that there is a God.

You see her suffering.

You see her pain.

You see her struggle with who she is.

Struggle with self-confidence.

You see her lack of self-esteem.

Wanting to be who she sees inside.

Who she can be in Me.

She needs to know.

What about him?

Look at what he’s doing.

Listen to what he is saying.

Speaking words of defeat.

Words of lack.

Trying to pass that test he’s failed for the third time.

You see him.

He’s trying to finish that thing, but he keeps falling short.

Trying to pay off that debt.

Burning the candle on both ends of the stick.

Because he’s doing it all in His own strength.

He needs to know.

Look at them. Those two right there.

Do you see how they are looking at each other?

Their children certainly do.

When they first got married, their eyes looked differently.

They had a sense of hope. A sense of belonging.

A trust.

But it’s gone. What happened?

They used to build each other up, with their words

And the way they held each other’s hands.

They used to look at each other and smile.

Now it’s a glare caught up in disdain and frustration

And regret.

Looking on each other with hostile hearts,
turning their heads in dissatisfaction.

What happened to the love?

They need to know.

They need to know that I am love.

That I am God

They need to know that weeping endures for a night

But joy comes in the morning.

They need to know that love endures all things, that love bears all things, that love knows no wrongs and points out no blame.

That love lifts up,

That love never fails.

They need to know.

He needs to know too.

He needs to know that in me, He can do all things because I have given Him strength.

He needs to know that in me, he breathes and moves and has his being.

He needs to know that I have already walked out His steps because the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.

He needs to know that my thoughts toward him are of peace and not evil, to give him a hope and future.

That my plan is to prosper Him,

He needs to know.

She needs to know.

She needs to know that I am God.

She needs to know that she is the apple of my eye.

That she is wonderfully and fearfully made.

That her price is far above rubies.

That there is wisdom in her mouth and kindness on her tongue.

She needs to know that.

They all need to know.

They all need to know that I am God.

And they need for you, My child, to tell them.

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