Thursday, September 20, 2012

Immediate Judgment

I came home from church on Sunday and did my usual, immediately uploaded the sermon into my computer and then I went on into the kitchen to check on the meal I was preparing for Sunday dinner, which was in the slow cooker.  (Side note… these things are wonderful if you can remember ahead of time that is what you want to do… lol)   Anyway, I stirred up my chicken, basting it with sauce and realized that it had made a little too much juice.  And as I went to pour it out, I heard God say, “Wait.”  And yet, I proceeded to pour it out anyway.  At just that very instance, juice from the crockpot splashed in the sink onto my brand new, bright white, linen dress.   Can you say upset? 

Then I found myself saying, “I’m sorry, Lord… but why-y-y-y-y?  Why couldn’t I just take care of that one last thing before I went upstairs to change and relax?  Why couldn’t I just pour the sauce out?  Why did you let this happen?”  And then I heard God say, “Immediate judgment.”  And as I listened more, He said, “No longer will you be able to get away with being disobedient, with not doing what I told you to do right away.  The time is now for immediate judgment.  Immediate correction for those who have wholeheartedly decided and claim to follow after Me.  Time is short and you must listen NOW.”

Then I heard the Scripture, “Judgment begins at the house of God.”  And God said, “Judgment is coming to His church, to His children, to those who are doing His will, FIRST, and it’s coming immediately.  It’s coming quickly and we must take heed and do those things that we have been taught to do and know to do is right.  We must really take heed to what He speaks to us and do it.”  So many times God tells us to do something, even simple things like picking up a piece of clothing off the floor at a department store that someone else dropped, or saying hello to someone, or go read, pray.  But He tells us to do things and we brush it off, as it not being Him, or it not being important, or we have other things we feel a need to do first.  But that doesn’t matter.  If God tells us to do something He wants us to do it when He says so.  Not when we feel like it.  And the time is now for our obedience.  Otherwise, there is going to be an instant price to pay.  Judgment.  Quick.

As for my white dress, God told me to spray it with some Shout a few times and let it settle and then wash it when He says so and the stain will come out.  Just as the stain of my sin (of disobedience) will come out. 

Whatever this means to you, wherever you are in your walk with God, know that judgment is nigh and it’s coming immediately.  But also know this that whatever judgment comes it’s for your good and, it is only meant to draw you closer to our loving and living God, who is ready to wipe away your sin, cleanse and make you whole.  (And He doesn’t use Shout to do it!).  Hallelujah! 

Be blessed.

A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E

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