Thursday, February 5, 2015

DREAM (For those who have an ear)

God woke me up from a dream I had last night and told me to write it down and share it however I can.  It was 1:57am.

My husband (Jeff) and I, and our family all of a sudden were being led by someone telling us where to go, how to get there.  We arrived at this place which appeared out of nowhere.  It was like an invisible doorway.  It could not be seen on the outside and no one knew it was there, yet I got the feeling that it had always been there.  We went inside and it was somewhat like a house and it had all kinds of toys lying around, although I could not make out what kind of toys.  The place was empty and dark and I didn’t see any people.  We came to another entryway, which really wasn’t a door but just a space with what seemed to be a keyhole.  The guide told us we were too big for this world we were about to enter so we had to become small and gave us each some words to say to enter in.  A couple of my kids did it and seemingly just vanished into thin air.  Three of us were left when someone came in, who appeared to be a kid, playing with something that looked like a doll.  We were startled.  We were told by our guide in order for him (the kid) not to see us we had to imitate him (the kid). We had to act like him doing the same thing he was doing, and so we did almost appearing like a mirror before the kid and the kid went away.  The last one of my children said the words and disappeared by the keyhole, just like the others.  And Jeff desiring to go last, told me to go.  I said the words I was supposed to say, but nothing happened.  Thinking I said them the wrong way, I said them again and nothing happened.  Jeff looked at me and I panicked, saying the words a third time and again nothing happened.  I felt lost.  The guide came back and told Jeff to do it.  He didn’t want to.  He was hesitant, not wanting to go without me.  The guide told him he had to let go of this world in order to move to the next, including letting go of who was holding him back.  Right then it was me.  The guide told him to make a decision now and as hard as it was for Jeff, I could see it in his eyes, he chose to go, kissing me on my forehead, telling me he would love me forever.  And then he was gone.  All alone, I screamed and tried to get in.  But it was too late.  The boy saw me, though I tried my best to act like him.  He ran and got others.  A girl came crying trying to leave the world.  They caught her.  What took the form of a body, came and pulled her away by her hair, which was being stretched so much that her face, her head, transformed into another shape.  Then others came and took me and layed me down on a ground.  I had the feeling that I was about to be raped, but the form was castrated, it was just a shape of a man, and instead he and others just started stabbing me repeatedly on every place on my body.  I heard a voice that told me to count.   I counted 47 times and then though I could feel the pokes of whatever they were stabbing me with, they did not pierce me.  It felt like a shield had come over me.  Like I was being protected from the penetration of the stabbing.  The pokes kept coming, I was still counting and then I was grabbed. 

Jesus snatched me from their hands.  He woke me up and told me so.  And then He told me to write this down and tell somebody.  Anybody who would hear.

“You are on the verge of going to hell, there is a doorway, but you cannot see it yet.  But though you cannot see it, it is there. 

Keep looking… stop playing amongst the demons.  They don’t know that you are not exactly like them YET.  But they will know soon. 

I am coming. 
So are they. 

Make a decision and kiss your world goodbye.  Join Me. 

I cannot save you again.  I saved you once. 

I will not do it again.”

Hear the word of the Lord.

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