Thursday, June 20, 2019

Humility, The Better Teaching

I’ve noticed a trend as of late (or maybe not) that people have become so focused on themselves in so many ways.  Especially in ministry.  It has become quite disappointing and quite sad to say the least.  There are so many who are so me-focused that, and I say this often (and I guess not often enough), that they believe that people want to hear from them so much that they have to share what “God” has given them while they’re driving.  Nope.  God does not give you anything so important that you have to share it while you’re driving.  He would not risk your life nor the lives of others to have you share a message while you are driving.  So please let’s just stop that nonsense once and for all.  (Side note:  I really wish there was a way for me to start reporting all of those who do it, because I would, honestly.  Distracted driving is one of the prime reasons people are killed on the road these days, in particular, my Joseph.  And yes, I am very sensitive to that.  So now since that one is out of the way, let me continue).

I think we have gotten too prideful.  People are focused on themselves so much so, that every time they “minister” they have to take a picture of themselves to do so.  And it’s okay to take a picture of yourself.  But if you want to minister and share with people a thought from the Lord, why must you make it about you? 

It has even crossed over to those who minister in music.  Singers and gospel choirs.  The emphasis is so much on them.  The focus is so much on them and what they can do, their talent, their ability.  Where is God in that?  Where is the humility in it?  Where is serving in that?  It’s what they can get out of it. If it can bring them to the next level in their ministry.  If it can help them move up financially.  I’ve witnessed people with all the talent and not so much the anointing, because they lacked humility.  Humility give you the power you need to get the next level. 

People are spending too much time on their own selves trying to get ahead, on going up, increasing, getting to the next level.  Everybody wants to go higher in God, supposedly.  It is so important to them to get to the next level in ministry.  They say.  Nobody just wants to serve anymore.  It’s not enough to simply want to serve the people of God from where they are.  To simply be a servant of the Lord and minister.  God has called each one of us to be ministers of reconciliation.  Simply put, He has called every single one of us, titled or not, to bring someone into the kingdom of heaven, to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ.  But so many are just interested in just wanting their face to be seen or to make money, or to get to the next level.  It’s not enough to be a servant, they have to have a title.  It’s not enough to be a deacon, they have to be a minister, or missionary or evangelist, or pastor, or bishop and now even that’s not even enough, now they have to be an apostle.  Last time I checked the only apostles were in the Bible with Jesus. But that’s for another time and another blog. 

Let me present this, what if we put all that energy that we have into teaching humility?  The energy we use in the videos we make we say that God told us to make while we’re driving (except not while we’re driving of course) and teach people what it means to be humble)?  The energy  it takes to snap a selfie to use to tell people in some soft encouragement that we’re not even walking in, that energy, to actually learn and study humility?  What if we took all that energy that we use to try to get ahead, to try and study the Greek and the Bible in every language, to attain more knowledge to grow closer to God, and simply just started becoming more obedient to His will?  What if we ourselves just became more submissive to the Word of God, to God Himself?  What if we actually used a little more of that energy to humble ourselves?  To dig deeper into the things of the Lord and get to know more of His ways?  ©And begin to practice walking them out. 

Jesus was a humble man.  He was the perfect example.  The Bible says He humbled Himself in the form of a servant.  There’s a thought.  What if we actually followed that example and humbled ourselves in the form of a servant?  Ouch.  Not too many of us like that term.  And there lies the problem.  We don’t want to serve, but we want to “minister.”

But look it up.  To minister means to serve.  If you want to be a minister you must first be a servant.  And to be servant, you must humble yourself.  But if you humble yourself, truly humble yourself, then perhaps, God will exalt you.  Isn’t that what the Scripture says?  Humble yourself and in due time, I will exalt you.

God will exalt you to where you want you to be.  It is He that exalts.  There is no reason for you to do it.   God will bring you to the next level.  It is He that elevates and promotes, not us.  We are to serve.  Him.  His people.

If we humble ourselves, and walk in humility, exercise humility, live it, we will teach others humility as well, and maybe it won’t be so much about getting ahead or atop, or above anymore, but, below…. Right where we belong.  At the feet of Jesus, listening and ready to do the Father’s will, because that is what true humility is all about.  Doing the will of the Father.  His Will.  His Word.  His Way. 
It’s not so much about going up but staying low. 

And the other thing about staying low, being humble, you can probably relate better to those that are in the valley. 

God is real.

A servant of the Lord, still,
Sis. E

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