Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Have A Friend Request!

Praise the Lord! Grace and peace all!

I belong to so many social networks and on these networks you are able to
set up your profile, which is really a “mini-bio”. And for the most part,
when you set up your profile, you put your best foot forward. You know, you
try to give people a glimpse of who you are in the limited space possible.
You have your name, whether or not you are married, single, or dating. You
have your birthday, your occupation, maybe where you work, or even where you
go to school (present or past). You may include if you have any children,
your personal interests, what music you listen to, what’s your favorite
movie, actor, actress and all sorts of things of this nature. You can even
put your photo up, whatever pic you feel represents who you are and even
your current status, how you are feeling or what is moving you at the
moment. And overall on all my pages my profile pretty much says the same
thing… Sis. E, servant of the Lord, and anything else I might want to add.
And that is pretty much me. And it’s the best way and the briefest way I
can convey to others who I am. And WHO and what I believe.

Now on these sites others get to read your profile… they may come across
something you have uploaded, in my case it will probably be an encouraging
word video, or something that you wrote may get their attention and they
decide based on what they see whether or not they want to be your friend.
then based on this assumption, the next time you login to the site, you
might find on your page, or in your email or in your messages, “Someone
wants to be your friend.” Or “so and so wants to be your friend.” Or “you
have received a friend request.”

And for the most part, when people request to be my friend, after taking a
look at their profile, I say yes. It is only a handful that I might say no
to, based on something that I have deemed inappropriate or not to my liking,
whatever that might be. Of course, some people have hidden agendas (even
though it is not so hidden if you know the Holy Ghost, because He tells
you). And then some people confess to be one way and what you find on their
profile is totally opposite of their confession. So I make my judgments,
just like we all do if we’re honest, based on what I see. And then based on
what I see, I decide whether or not I will allow someone to be my friend.
Or whether or not I want to accept their friend request.

But I want you to know something today, Jesus doesn’t look at what He sees.
(Lord, help me… help us!) He doesn’t make judgment calls on whether or not
someone can be His friend. He loves you! He loves you in spite of what He
sees. And no matter what He is always looking to be your friend. You don’t
have to be a certain way. You don’t have to look a certain way, you don’t
have to act a certain way, listen to a certain kind of music. Be married or
single or looking. Jesus wants to be your friend. He is always sending you
a friend request.

The Bible says that Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother.
That’s the kind of friend I want. Brothers (or sisters, or moms or dads)
may stand by you because of the relationship you have by birth. In fact in
some cases, if it wasn’t for that relationship, some of us would choose not
to have so and so as a family member. Brothers stand by you because that is
what families do for the most part. But get this… Jesus is yet closer than
that. No friendship can compare to His. He loves you. The Bible says when
your mother and your father forsake you, He will pick you up. There is
nothing that you can do that could ever separate His love from you. His
love for you. That’s the kind of friend Jesus is. That’s the kind of
friend we all need to have. That’s the kind of friend I want.

This might not be for everybody today; you may already be a friend of Jesus.
You may have already answered His request. If you are, bless the name of
the Lord! But if you have not, why don’t you check your spiritual email,
(look into your heart), you may very well find that you have some mail.
That you have a friend request. And it’s from Jesus. He wants to be your
friend. Will you accept the request of a friend?

I have.

And as my husband concluded when I shared this with my church, "Friendship
with Jesus, fellowship divine. O what perfect sweet communion, Jesus is a
friend of mine!" Make Him yours today.

God is real and He really loves you!

A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E