Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Your Arsenal of Power

One morning I was sitting at my desk and I just could not seem to pull it together. I was troubled in my spirit. Earlier I had a conversation with the Lord and I gave Him my laundry list of things that I did not like. How many of us do that? Tell God all the things that are wrong with our lives, refusing to see all the things that are right... God spoke something to me about that one too, but I guess it's for another time... Anyway, thank God for His grace and mercy!!!

But I suppose since God just let me ramble, I did not hear Him speak to me about my laundry list. So I found myself meditating on them. Meditating on your problems instead of God's promises will always lead you to a troubled place. So here I was troubled in my spirit. Led there by my emotions.

And as I begun to think about that, troubled in my spirit, I heard the Lord say, "And what do you do about the trouble in your spirit?" And me I was like, "I don't know Lord.. look to You to get rid of the trouble." Then I heard, "No you do it. Tell the devil." And I said, "What?!! Tell the devil, what?" And the Lord reminded of a note that was written in 2005, called "Tell the Devil."

But God didn't stop there. He began to tell me about the help that He gives me, that He gives us. He said, "You have at your disposal a plethora of weapons to fight against your trouble.” "Plethora," I said. (Thinking to myself, where in the world did that word come from??) And God said, “Yes, PLETHORA.” (And what else could I expect from a God that is more than enough, that does exceeding abundantly above all... plethora means EXCESS). God said, "You have a PLETHORA of weapons at your disposal. You have at least 9 loose leafs of Joy for the Spirit stories (which is a collection of notes and inspirational items that I have gathered over the years); you have hundreds and hundreds of CDs, praise music, songs of worship that you can play at any given time. You have countless others inside of you that you can just open up your mouth and sing. You have my Word. The Bible in nearly every room of your house. At your desk, on your computer. You have my Word hidden inside your heart, Holy Scripture to build you up, to edify you, to strengthen and to encourage you. There is no need and no excuse for you to be troubled in your spirit. You have been given what to do, you have been taught my Word, now do it.”

Then He continued, "The weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty through ME to the pulling down of strongholds. The pulling down of YOUR TROUBLE."

What else could I say after that, but Lord, forgive me.

But God went on… He said “we have weapons, powerful weapons that work because of Him. He works them. Every weapon. That is why no weapon formed against us can prosper, because He makes it. And then He said, His Word is true. He has given us a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Put it on. It’s a weapon! In your arsenal. Trouble your trouble. You know where it comes from. God said, “He came to give us peace, but your enemy comes to take that away. Tell him he can't have it. Show him he can't have it. Use your weapons and come against it. Use what you have at your disposal. You do it!”

Then I got it together, posted my note and told that devil, he was a defeated foe once again. God is exalted and He has given me power over my enemy. An arsenal at my disposal. A PLETHORA of power, mighty through God through the pulling down of strongholds and my TROUBLE.

Bless the Lord, God is real!!