Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Go and Skim No More

My hubby asked me this morning when do we turn the clocks back? (Daylight Savings Time... Fall back, Spring forward)... Anyway, I googled it and at first glance I saw, Sunday, October 21st.  Didn't dawn on me that I might have been wrong, (Daylight Savings Time was changed to November a couple of years ago) but I told him, "Oh, this Sunday."  And with that he walked away.  But I got a prompt to google it again.  So I did.  This time it said, Sunday, November 4th.  So I thought to myself, 'How come I didn't see that the first time?' and even googled it a few more times, and binged it to be sure, and that original date or site that I had found before, I could not find.  Not thinking too much of it, I shook it off as it was time for me to go to my hair appointment.

Ok, so what's the point, I hear you saying.  Well, I got to the hair salon and as I was sitting under the dryer, I sent a text to my hubby, telling him of my mistake, saying, "Daylight Savings is Sunday, November 4th.  Guess this is what happens when you skim over stuff, instead of reading it.  (Especially when you don't have your glasses on)."  But almost immediately after I wrote that, I heard God say, "Exactly.  And that's the problem."

“Too many of My people are skimming over stuff instead of paying attention to it.  He said that we are skimming over the Bible, instead of reading it.  He said that we are skimming over His instructions, instead of doing them.  He said that we are skimming over life even, instead of living it.  Letting days go by and even years without an appreciation for it and the people that are in it.”

God said those things that are important to us, we take the time to understand.  We pay attention to it.  We read.  We study.  We do.  That so often we pick up His Word and we skim over it, instead of actually reading it.  Reading and understanding is just like hearing and listening.  Just as we can hear something, but not necessarily listen, we can read something, but not necessarily understand.  Understanding requires a step more.  Just like listening requires action (that we take heed to what we hear), understanding requires that we apply our heart to receive wisdom.  To learn something that we did not know before.  

God then said that when I googled the date, I was so set on just getting a date than actually getting information, that I skimmed over what was there and only saw what I was so intent on seeing.  And not only that, because I did not have my glasses on, that only enhanced what I saw.  Or made me believe that what I saw was in fact the case.  He said that sometimes we are so set on getting what we want, on doing what we want, instead of actually doing what is necessary, that we miss it.  And we mess up.  And because we don't have on our spiritual eyes we are convinced that what we are doing is enough.  For whatever we think it is enough of.  Reading, listening, seeing. 

How many of us say that we are going to read the Word, and actually do set out to read the Word, but we walk away with little or no understanding?  Or worse, no revelation?  And how many of us have taken what we thought we read and passed it on to somebody else?  Feeding them false or misinformation.  Bless God that this was only a date about Daylight Savings Time that my husband had asked me.  But what if had been something more?  Like how many times must he forgive somebody?  Or what must I do to be saved?  We do not want to give people misinformation because we cannot take the time to read. 

Lord, Jesus help us.  Lord Jesus, help me.   It’s time to stop skimming and start doing.

God is real.

Be blessed.
Sis. E


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