Friday, October 12, 2012

I See Dead People

I see dead people.
Everywhere I go.
The mall, restaurants, even in church.
Oh, they don’t know they’re dead.
No.  They’re spiritually dead.
And that makes them blind too.
Oblivious to what is going on around them
And clueless to why things happen the way they do
For them anyway.
They’re like zombies, you know.
They have bodies, but no souls.
Walking around without a purpose.
Searching for something they can’t seem to find.
They’re dead.
Dead people have no vision.
Dead people have no destiny.
And it doesn’t have to be that way you know.
I was dead.
I was dead in my transgressions and sins, 
in the way I used to live when I followed the ways of this world.
Yeah, at one time, I too was dead,
gratifying the cravings of my flesh
and following its desires and thoughts.
But Jesus said that though we are dead,
We can be made alive through Him…

Now awake dead people.
Arise!  And Jesus will give you life.

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