Monday, October 26, 2009

DIAGNOSIS: Devil Is A Liar!

Praise the name of the Lord! For He is my Rock, He is my Fortress, He is my Deliverer. In Him will I Trust. What an awesome God we serve. True to His Word!

For most of the weekend I found myself in a hospital bed, on a heart monitor, taking a number of tests… EKG, ECG, Cat scan, Sonogram, blood work and more blood work… only for them to determine that the devil is a liar! Once again God is exalted and the devil is defeated in my life!

God is good! On Saturday after going shopping with my husband I came home and I was in tremendous pain. Severe chest pain, accompanied with problems breathing. My husband took me to the E.R. where they quickly gave me an EKG, hooked me up to a heart monitor, IV fluids and begin a round of doses of Nitroglycerin. For those who are not aware as I wasn’t, that it is to open your arteries and everything inside of you, so your blood can flow quickly. While it may heal one area, it causes another to suffer. So while it caused my chest pain to subside it caused my head to ache (and possibly) my back.

But anyway, the doctors thought something was wrong with my heart. The nurse that was attending to me, as well, because she had said, that though the EKG was not showing anything often times in black women, symptoms of a heart attack are hidden, so they’ve got to look deeper. And deeper is what they did. After putting me through hours of testing and on and off again pain, turns out the diagnosis was (for me anyway), the devil is a liar!

Just as soon as my husband learned I was in pain, he began to pray. On our way home, then on our way to the doctor, he was praying while I was confessing thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus! You are the Lord God Who heals me. You said so, I believe Your Word! (Isn’t it funny how this attack came not even 24 hours after the day I wrote about reminding God of His Word, “God You Said It, Remember?” The enemy of your soul knows what you believe too)!

Anyway, on the way to the hospital and even after we arrived there, prayers of thanksgiving and the Word was confessed over my life. And I believe that was why the pain was coming and going. When it first started it would not leave my body. I could not sit down straight in the car ride, on the couch, or anything and I certainly could not lean back, because when I did it felt like something or someone was leaning on my chest with a boulder! I have never felt anything like that in my life. And the only way I got a little relief, was by leaning forward with my legs folded. (And trust me we were not meant to sit like this… just so you know).

The hospital did decide to keep me overnight to monitor my heart because they wanted to be sure. And I did put up somewhat of a fight because I really wanted to go to church on Sunday morning. I did not want to spend my Sunday morning up in somebody’s hospital bed. That is not what God intended. But there I was. With a heart monitor, oxygen in my nose, an IV on my hand and a helpful dose of Percocet. But tell me my God ain’t good!

At 2:00 am on Sunday, I had what I did not know would be, my last bout of pain. I woke up, (bless the Lord!) and I was in severe pain. I called for the nurse and waited for her to bring me my Percocet. But she didn’t bring it right away because I could not have any more until 2:30. So I sat there talking to the Lord, reminding Him of His Word, speaking to the pain in my body telling it that it must go, rebuking the devil and all his attempts. The nurse came in shortly after and gave me one last dose of Percocet. And I sat up for the remaining of the night (early morning), until they came in with another machine and to take some more blood.

More tests and a couple of hours later, the pain had completely disappeared. And I knew I was healed and that was just yet another attack from the enemy, attempting to kill, steal and to destroy. Know this that the enemy is not your friend. He is a spirit. And he wants nothing more but to see you dead. I mean it. Dead. He wants your spirit dead (but we are alive in Christ). He wants your finances dead, He wants your relationships dead, He wants you dead. And he will do everything in his power to destroy you and he will succeed if you let him. When you feel pain and anything contrary to the Word of God, know that those things are from him. He is trying to steal from you. But don’t let him. Speak the Word of God over yourself. Speak the Word over your pain. Come at him the same way he is coming at you. "Yeah, devil, my body hurts (you can’t deny that), but my God is a healer. He said that He will take sickness from my midst! So you can get on out of here with that. You are a liar and there is no truth in you!"

When all of this was happening, I was surprised at my reaction. I wasn’t afraid where at another time I might have been and I thank God. I read so many things about heart attacks and how to recognize them and all, and I never conceded to having one. Because I read something else. (I shall not die but live to declare the glory of the Lord!) The truth. The Word of God. And I’ve come to know something else. God is good. And He’s a healer. And He loves me and that is the report (and the diagnosis) I believe. Anything else won’t work.

So Sunday evening, just a little over 24 hours later I was discharged with an “unknown” diagnosis. And I walked out of that hospital on my own two feet, painless, with the t-shirt my husband had brought for me to wear home (and how appropriate)… ipray. Enough said.

God is good. For real! And He’s a healer!

A servant of the Lord,

Sis. E

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