Thursday, October 14, 2010

He Likes Me

Bless the Lord!
Just wanted you all to know that I wrote this back in January. As God shared through my husband today’s encouraging word, this was brought to my remembrance. Thought it was time to share. Be blessed and encouraged. God loves you!!!

He Likes Me

Yesterday my husband and I spent the day together doing some errands and shopping. At one point towards the end of the day we were sitting in his car and he was getting ready to back out of the parking space, but he was looking at me and smiling. So I asked, “You like me?” He nodded his head and then he said, “A lot.”

It made me smile. Really, it made me blush. So I told him I was going to post that as my Facebook status and I did. And a couple of people responded, clicking they liked what I said, or making some other comment. Someone posted that they hope when they are married so long their husband would tell them the same thing, (my husband and I have been married for 27 years). For the most people got a chuckle out of it.

When you think about it, it is “cute” that after all this time my husband still likes me. We’re blessed that God has kept us together for so long and we actually still like each other. But when I got to start really meditating on this and didn’t really know I was of course, that is when God spoke to me about it.

The Bible commands us to love. We are to love one another, for love is of God. We are to love and to do good to our enemies. And we all know how hard it is to love, especially when we deem someone unlovable. (Okay, I’m the only one who has done that.. yeah, okay). There are those people that we say, make it impossible for us to love them. BUT GOD MAKES IT POSSIBLE. Because He said, if you love Me, keep My commandments. So we just go on and love them because that is what we are supposed to do.

What got me in all this, was this, God commands us to love people. But He didn’t say that we had to like people. We have to live at peace with them, the Bible says, we have to do good to them, especially those who despitefully use us, but we don’t have to like them. Some might say that this goes hand in hand, that you can’t have one without the other. But I beg to differ.

We can love someone, as the Bible says, be patient with them, be kind to them, forgive them, protect them, nurture them, trust them, and sincerely want the best for them. But yet and still, not like them. We can do all those things and yet not want to fellowship with them, not want to spend time with them, not laugh at their jokes, and yet be walking in the Word and will of God, as long as we are loving them the way the Bible says so.

We can love them, but we do not have to like them.

So when my husband told me that he likes me, he was telling me this, he likes spending time with me, being around me, looking at my face, making me laugh. He likes getting to know me. He likes learning what makes me tick. Discovering (still) what I like to eat, my habits, and hobbies. He likes me. Now of course there are things that he does not like about me, but that does not stop him from liking me. There are things that we don’t like about others and it can stop us from liking the person. We make the choice. And his was to like me in spite of me.

So then I thought about this… we say that we love God, but do we like Him? Do we like Him enough to want to spend time with Him? Do we like Him enough to want to get to know Him better? Do we like Him as we read about Him in His Word? Do we like His character? His truth? Do we want to know what makes Him tick? What’s on His heart? Do we take the time to find out His desires? His Will? If we did, then we would really be able to love Him. We would like Him so much that we could not help but love Him.

I love God. And I like God. And I thank God that GOD not only loves me, but He likes me too. He likes who I am; He likes who He’s making me to be. He likes my personality. He likes what I look like (even though sometimes I don’t). He likes me.

And I thank God for my husband. I thank God that he likes me. Because I know that he doesn’t have to. He chooses to. And you know what I like him too… a lot!

God is real. And He likes you too!

A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E

Today’s Encouraging Word:
“He Likes Me”

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