Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I refuse to believe

I refuse to believe that you don’t know

I refuse to believe that you haven’t a clue

That there is a God in heaven.

I refuse to believe it

I refuse to believe that there is no God

When I am able to open my eyes and see the home that He has made for me and the beautiful people that He has placed in my life

When I can look around and see all the sorrow in the world, and in the midst of it all yet see His comfort.

I refuse to believe that you don’t see that too. Even if just sometimes.

I refuse to believe it

I refuse to believe that God doesn’t exist

When the whole earth declares His glory.

When all of creation functions because of His hand, night turns into day, day into night, time and time again, without fail.

When the birds sing a song even in the rain… God’s the reason why they sing

You can’t tell me He doesn’t exist. I refuse to believe it

I refuse to believe that I don’t have a Creator

When I look at the world and I see everything perfectly put in place

Clouds in the sky that don’t fall down, that look as though they are so close you could touch them and so full that you could even sit on them, when they are nothing more than tiny droplets of water forming a mist.

Stars in the sky that look as if they were placed there by hand. Little dots that shine so bright, they can light up a dark street.

The sun, a burning fire set in the sky. Impossible to stare at with bare eyes. And just ONE! Big enough that can be seen all over the earth, yet small enough for you to believe it is only where you are.

Flowing oceans, river banks and seas that seem to have no end, that somehow know when to stop so it doesn’t overtake the land.

I refuse to believe you can’t see that. That it doesn’t cause you to wonder at the majesty of it all.

You can’t tell me that there is no God

I refuse to believe that.

I refuse to believe you

When you tell me you don’t know that there is a God

Contrary to what you think, a woman did not give you life and no man can take it away

It is God who breathed life into man and gave him a soul.

It was God who formed the woman and determined how she would give birth to you. She didn’t come to be because her mother made her, somebody made her mother. God did it.

It is God who gives you the very air you breathe; your next moment of life is in His hands.

There is a God.

A God who was, is and is to come.

And I refuse to believe anything else.

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