Monday, January 24, 2011

Who Keeps Ringing My Bell?!

Years ago, what might have been a period of about 3 or 4 weeks, I was awakened every night, like clockwork by a doorbell. At 4:00 every morning.

I remember one of the first times it happened almost like it was yesterday. Sleeping soundly, my sleep was interrupted by the sound of somebody ringing my doorbell. I remember waking up, sitting up and listening for it again. But I didn't hear anything, so I went back to sleep. The next night and for a couple of days, it happened again. I would hear the doorbell, sit up, wait, and after hearing nothing, go back to sleep.

After a few more days, and as it kept happening, I asked my husband on one of the mornings to follow, if he heard the doorbell, and he said, simply, no. I brushed it off as imagining things and put it out of my head. Then a
couple of days later it happened again and after awakening my husband asking if he heard the doorbell, finally I got the revelation! And as I sat up this time, the Holy Spirit took hold of me and made me realize that God was
trying to say something to me. And apparently I had been so busy; I have not allowed myself to sit still enough to be able to hear Him.

At points in our lives, we find ourselves so preoccupied with other things that we become consumed with it. Consumed in our busyness. Consumed with our business. We allow ourselves to keep going and going and going, from one thing to the next, so used to doing whatever it is that we're doing, that it almost becomes mechanical. In all of our actions, including praying and even reading the Word. (Okay, well, maybe that just happens to me).

Anyway, I don't know what it was at that time that I was so distracted by, but it was something that caused me not to hear from God. Even though I prayed every morning and read my Word without fail. Yet I was not hearing
what God was trying to say to me at that time. Certainly when God speaks He wants to give us some sort of direction, some sort of encouragement and sometimes even a warning. And He desired to speak a Word to me and I had become so busy, that I was not hearing Him.

If we allow ourselves to get so busy with life that we cannot hear God, it is not a good thing. But the fortunate thing is that we have a God who loves us so much and is concerned about our direction and purpose that He
would take the time to get our attention any kind of way that will work. And in this instance, God used the doorbell. He knows what will get my attention and cause me to hear, and in this particular period of my life, it
was a doorbell, ringing at 4:00 in the morning, in a place that I was not particularly fond of. (We were living somewhere I did not want to be, but that turned out to be my place of preparation. Hallelujah! ) On a side note,
I want you to know that God has a place of preparation for all of us!! A place where things may not be the ideal, but it is preparing you for the ideal!!!

Anyway, in other instances, you may not be able to sleep. You might find yourself tossing and turning or even waking up the same time, every day. Could be God ringing your doorbell. People that you have not seen in years
will all of a sudden come into your life again. People who you have not spoken to or crossed off your list will all of a sudden cross your path in some way or another. God could be ringing your doorbell. Things might be
going a little weird in your life, or crazy. Things that you never even heard of could be happening to you and you might be wondering, 'What in the world?!' God may very well be ringing your doorbell trying to get your
attention. God will use ANYTHING He has to, to get your attention. And it would be wise if you would connect the dots and see the picture. See what He is doing or trying to tell you.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, sit up, take heed, and ask the Lord, is that You Lord? Are You ringing my doorbell? Is there something that You are trying to tell me, that I have been missing? Is there something that You have been showing me that I am failing to see? God will answer you. And when He does, whatever it is that He speaks, simply receive and do. God knows what's best for you. And He wants you to know that, too.

God rang my doorbell. At 4:00 every morning, for weeks, God rang my doorbell. Just like the lady that went to the judge's house in the middle of the night with her persistence.. God persistently rang my doorbell. Until I finally had enough sense and wherewithal (thank You Holy Spirit!) to connect the dots and answer. And when I did, God spoke a Word that changed the course of my life and brought me to a deeper understanding of Who He is;
a God Who REALLY loves me and desires to speak to me.

And He wants to speak to you too. Just open up your heart (and your door) to hear Him.

God is real.

Be blessed.

A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E

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