Monday, January 30, 2012

Know God's Ways

God spoke a Word to my heart to share of which I did, and even now He is still speaking. He wants you to know that He is not in one place. That He is not where you put Him. That He is not a one way God. That He cannot be boxed, that He cannot be put into a frame, that He cannot be contained.

Too many of us are looking for God in certain ways. To show up in our situations, in our circumstances, at certain times and God says, “Stop.” Not stop looking for Him, but to stop looking for Him in that manner. You won’t find Him.

We have learned so much about religion, that we have failed to learn about God. Our walk is not so much about what we are taught, but how the Spirit of God leads us to do what we have learned based on the character of God. And somehow we have taken what we learned about religion, about God, and packaged it up with a neat little bow and put it on a shelf. And we have resigned ourselves to looking for it when we need it back on that shelf where we put it. But God wants you to know today that He is not there. He is not where you “put” Him, because He is not a God that can be put anywhere.

God says that “Yes, I am the God of yesterday, today and forever and I change not. But that does not mean that I do things the same. My Word is the same, it does not change, it will not change. My will is the same, it does not change, and it will not change. And My way is the same. Just because I delivered that way in the past, does not mean that I will deliver you that way today. You just need to know that I am a Deliverer, that is My character. That is My way. It is Who I AM. And I do not change. Who I Am does not change.”

God says if we really want to know Him, we cannot just base things on His acts, we have to get to know His ways. If He answered you before, His character, His way, screams I WILL ANSWER YOU again. But it does not necessarily mean He will answer you the way that He has done it before. Don’t look for ‘the way’ He did something before, look for ‘His way.’ Get to know His character.

Now there is certainly nothing wrong with knowing God’s acts, those are the wonderful things that He does, the things that give us testimonials to His goodness and the realness of God in our lives. But there is more to God than what He does, just as there is more to us than what we do. We are not just waiters and doctors and mothers and fathers, etc. We also have to know His ways. Because then we will be able to identify Him in the middle of our messes. In the midst of our situations and our circumstances, when we are looking for an answer, we will find it, because we will know God’s ways.

Whatever way you are looking for God to answer you, do yourself a favor and stop. He may come in another way. In fact God said today, He HAS come in another way. Stop boxing Him up to your limited thinking and by your limited faith. Think outside the box. Stop drawing guidelines in your invisible sand, thinking things are not possible, just because you can’t see them your way. With God all things are possible, you only need to open your eyes and see His ways. They are not designed to line up with yours. They won’t. The Bible says, His ways are not our ways, neither are His thoughts our thoughts.

Now that we have learned about “religion,” God says we need to learn about Him… what motivates Him, what stirs Him up, what moves His heart. What makes Him tick. His ways. His way of thinking, His way of doing things.

And God makes a promise today, that if you set out to learn His way, you will find it a whole lot easier to hear and to recognize the answer to your prayer. And that He has already answered.

Be blessed. God is real.

A servant of the Lord,

Sis. E

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