Thursday, February 28, 2013

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God has me working on a new project (He's always doing new things!)... and in the process, I've had to go through some files and re-read some stuff.  One of the first things that He brought my attention to was this piece that I wrote back in 2005 about who else..., Christian.  It's amazing how much this little boy has brought into my life.  Sometimes things happen and we don't like them, but they are always designed to make us better or to take us to a different place.  And sometimes these things happen that we might be propelled into our destiny.  This was my first sharing on a "Christian" enlightenment.  Pray it blesses and encourages your heart today.

God has blessed us with a beautiful grandson.  Christian Elijah is just about a year old now and we bless God for bringing him into our lives. 

A while ago, before he learned how to walk, I was watching Christian crawling around on the floor, playing with a ball.  Our son Joseph came into the room and pretended like he was some sort of monster and attempted to scare Christian.  God used his response to this to speak to me. 

I would have to imagine that many babies would have probably started running or turned away or even started crying, when somebody would appear out of nowhere and attempt to scare them.  But Christian didn’t.  He simply turned back toward Joseph’s direction, on the offense. And as I watched him, I heard the Spirit of the Lord tell me, “That is what we as Christians need to do.”  He said that we know the enemy is in attack mode (especially when we’re walking in right standing with God) and when those attacks come we need not be surprised, but just need to stand up to them and face them.  

God said that too often we want to run away from our attackers, those things that “come upon us.”  Our health, finances, relationships… whatever your attack might be at the moment.  But instead we need to run towards them; take up our shields of faith (that’s why God has given it to us) and stand against it.  Christian faced his “enemy.”  He looked him right in the face and with his actions, he said, “Bring it on.”  
God is so good and so real in our lives, that He would use this little baby to speak to us.   Praise the Lord!  He who has an ear, let him hear.  

Be blessed,
Sis. E

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