Thursday, July 13, 2017

Killing Jesus

In Mark 15, we read of where Jesus was taken prisoner because of what the people said, ‘His claim to be God.’  He was presented before Pilate and although, Pilate was warned by his wife through a dream, Pilate chose instead to have Jesus crucified.

What led Pilate to his decision was his concession, his compromising, his desire, to give in to the people.  Verse 15 says, “Wishing to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas for them, and after having Jesus scourged, he handed Him over to be crucified.”  Jesus was killed because Pilate gave in to the people.  And this is what happens when you give in to the people.

When we compromise, concede, make room for, give in to what the people want; what we do, what we have done is killed Jesus.  We’ve killed His spirit living inside of us.  We’ve killed His will for our lives in that given situation, in order to appease the desire of someone else’s.

Religion, churches, spiritual leaders all over the world are giving into the people. Some are not preaching the Word God spoke for fear that the people won’t get excited.   Some are not correcting congregants for fear they might leave the church.   Some are allowing people to be in ministry, when they themselves are in no position to minister to themselves, carrying unforgiveness, harboring bitterness and the like, and leaving a trail of my way or no way wherever they go.

There is no power in the church these days and we find ourselves wondering why.   People are not being saved, lives are not being transformed, they are not being conformed, miracles are not taking place, healing is sporadic, because Jesus is being killed.  The spirit of the living God is being hindered.  God’s way of doing things, whether people like it or not, has been given second place to the opinions, to the feelings and thoughts of man.   There is no real power in many churches because God’s will has been killed.  Why would He abide in a place He is not obeyed?  Why would He manifest Himself when the desires of the people are what matters first?

But it’s not just happening in the church.  It is happening our homes.  In our personal lives.  We find ourselves lost, discouraged at not receiving the promises of God, because somewhere along the way we have given in.  To people.  Instead of studying our Word, praying, or seeking God’s face, we have chosen to  seek the face (or something else) OF someone else.  Instead of attending Sunday services and corporate church empowerment gatherings, we have elected to spend it at some other social setting, in the name of “spending quality time together.”  Anything that takes you away from God is not quality.   It’s distraction. Especially if that is what you used to do.  You have conceded, you have compromised and you have quenched the spirit of the living God leading you and guiding you into Truth.  All Truth.  Even thsst we refuse to see.

Instead of spending our morning singing songs of praise, we have elected to sing the praises of someone we want the attention of, albeit perhaps of a boss.  Instead of spending spare time sitting in the presence of God, we have chosen to sit in the presence of a computer or phone screen.   Ouch!! We are the “people” too, we give in to.

Instead of doing what we know to do is right, continuing to stand on the principles we have learned and was taught, like forgiveness, honesty and truth, we are satisfying the fleshly need of someone else, giving in instead to their warped feelings of injustice.   Instead of giving like we used to, we’ve began to give in to the cries of a loved one or even worse, our bills.  Chasing the dollar instead of attracting it.  The spirit of the living God has even been killed when it comes to our finances.  God said He would show us how to prosper.  It is Him who shows us how to get wealth. But it's in the spending time with Him, that is where and how we will learn.

Jesus is being killed.  Again and again.  Look at the state of the world.  Look at the politics, especially in this nation.  Uh-oh.  Leaders gave in to what the people wanted. They wanted a king.  Someone to save them from their problems.  Did he?  Or were more presented?  How many lives have been destroyed? How many families have been torn apart?  And how much more will come forth?   What has happened to the integrity of the office?  The integrity of this great nation, we call the United States.  Surely it has  become the “Divided” States of America.  Because someone gave in to the people.

Going forward, we cannot allow people to dictate what must be done or what we will do, especially when it comes to serving the living God.  We cannot compromise, concede or give in to the will of people.  It must be God’s will be done.  It must be God above all else.  Jesus first.  Otherwise, we will become guilty of exactly what Pilate was guilty of…  wishing to satisfy the crowd.  And killing Jesus.

Because God is real, I remain,

A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E
Copyright 2017

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