Monday, February 5, 2018


My husband, Jeff, was away for a couple of days recently.  For those who don’t know him, after working for the Major League Baseball Players Association for over 10 years, God allowed him to start his own business.  It’s been five years and he’s doing great, having just relocated into larger space. (God will increase your territory and bless you indeed, if you wait).  But in his current business, he represents players from the union and/or their agents. 

From the end of January through February is salary arbitration period.  Baseball season is over, and this is the time that has been set aside where players (if eligible), negotiate for a new contract or in some cases, just a better one.  Hubby had a case where he had to argue and represent a player.  His clients were well pleased in how Jeff pleaded his case.  It says a lot about you and your character when others are well pleased in how they are represented.   God said about Jesus, this is my Son, in whom I am well pleased.  Jesus represented Him well…. Hmmmm. 

Anyway, with arbitration different sides of the case are presented, the player’s side, the union’s side and the team’s) as a case is laid by each one and presented before an arbitrator, who decides the case and determines the outcome.   (Our cases are argued too before an Arbitrator, God, who always has the final say in what the judgment will be). 

At one point, my hubby’s case didn’t look too good, and he thought they were going to lose.  While he presented a good case, another factor came in and it appeared as though the scale leaned to the other side.  This is what it looked like.  But God!  Hubby got the phone call just a day later, that they won!  That the player got what he asked for, determining the presentation of the case, a winner! 

As I was praying and thanking God for the win (I normally don’t ask for a “win”.  I pray God’s will be done and that I am able to accept what He allows, but this time, given what happened, I asked for a win), so as I was thanking God for the win, I heard Him say, “In spite of what it looks like He allows for a win.”

In spite of what it looks like, in spite of how that person stepped in and seemingly messed things up for you; in spite of laying the proper foundation and things took a turn; in spite of your stumbling and stuttering during the job interview; in spite of what is showing up in your bank account.  In spite of what it looks like, God allows for a win.  He allows you to win.

God goes against the flow.  Remember that.  Greater is He that is in you than he that is with the world.  You and Him are more than enough.  With God, all things are possible, in spite of what it seems.  When the odds are stacked against you, God allows for a win.  Especially if it was God Who put it in your spirit to ask for it.  And just a day later… God said, “Catch that!”

I am reminded of a song by Jekalyn Carr.  The words have this running theme, “The enemy came up against your home, your children, your name, your character, your health, your finances, your vision.  You will win.  know you're hurt, I know you're torn I know you are broken.  But you will win.  All of those may be facts, but the Truth still remains that in the name of Jesus, you will win.   All of those may be facts but the truth still remains that in the name of Jesus You will win.” 

In the name of Jesus, you will win.  Declare it to be your winning season, as the song continues… “It’s your winning season and everything attached to you wins.  You will win.  God allows us for it!

Because God is real.  “Thanks be unto God Who ALWAYS causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus.”

Still a servant of the Lord,
Sis. E

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