Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Real G-P-S-

Bless the Lord!

A while back I gave a reflection on a GPS. And God reminded me of it recently, actually a few times, so I just felt led to share it with you all.

We had taken our daughter who is away at college, back to school, and driving on the way home from there, we had to rely on a GPS, which is a navigation system. It gave us detours and guided us home as it was designed to do.

A couple of days later, Minister Jeff and I were going out to eat at a new restaurant and we didn't quite know the way. And again we relied on this GPS, this NAV system to get us there. And in that God spoke. God said that He is our GPS. He is our Navigator. He leads us and guides and gets us to where we need to go. That we need to rely on Him and His promises. The GPS for us is God's Promise System.

Anyway, we rely on this NAV system, we put all our trust in it and it doesn't give us any direction until we actually get to a certain point. And God said we need to trust in Him the same way. We have a route, we know the path that we are on, we set out to go, and then we need to rely on God to give us direction when we get to certain points. We don't always have to know where to go. God said to just follow His direction and He will tell us where to go when we need to go.

But anyway, as we set out to drive to this restaurant, I sort of jumped ahead of the NAV system and got a little off the path. I told Minister Jeff to turn around from where we were headed, because the NAV system was taking too long to say something. And God spoke again and said, "That is exactly what you do to Me." God doesn't move in the time frame we think He should move and we quickly jump ahead of Him. We try to anticipate where He would have us to go and then we end up lost. We go in our own direction instead of waiting to hear a Word from the Lord.

Sometimes it takes a while. We drive two miles, the NAV doesn't say anything, and we change the route. We do the same thing with God. Go a little while with Him and then when we don't hear anything, we want to go another way. Then we do that and we end up lost and off the path that God has set for us. But God is good, because just like the NAV system, when you ask for further direction God will direct you back to where you need to be.

So that is what happened. We got a little off the path and had to re-enter where we were so that we could get to where we were going and the NAV system said to us, "as soon as possible, make a legal U-Turn." Then I heard the Spirit of the Lord say this, when you know that you messed up, as soon as possible, make a legal U-Turn. And He is specific. He said, a legal U-Turn. Don't go someplace else where He did not tell you to go. Don't go off in another wrong direction. Don't go where you THINK you should go. Make a legal U-Turn. It's okay to get off the path, but get it right and get back on it again.

We have to know that God is good. And He desires to lead us. We trust this NAV system, we trust that our cars will start, we trust that elevators will go up, we trust so many things. But we need to trust in the Lord, even more so. God knows everything. He created everything. All we need to do is follow His lead and direction that we may have and get to whatever He has for us. That is His promise to us. That is God's Promise System. That's the real GPS.

And one more thing I should add, when we do we will hear God say to us, just like with the NAV system, "You have arrived." Well done, my good and faithful servant.


God is good. And He's real.

A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E

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