Friday, February 27, 2015

Wearing Your Purpose

I went to the hairdresser last week, for my usual appointment.  The temperature being “0” that morning (yes you read that right… not O, zero… lol), I decided to wear my fur coat.

I don’t get to wear it very often.  It’s full length, meant for very cold temperatures.  But not something that one would tend to wear every day and everywhere (at least not up until this point).  And although I had opportunity to do so on a few occasions, I never wore it to the hair salon, but this particular morning I did.

My hairdresser put the coat away for me when I arrived and when it was time for me to leave, she helped me to put it on, which was when I heard “She is wearing that coat.”    And I immediately responded in my head, yeah, it’s mine.

I paid my bill and got in my car and made my way home.  On the way, I called my sister and we spoke for a moment about the cold and staying warm.  And when she asked me what was I doing out in the cold, I told her where I had been and also said, “Oh, but I’m warm, trust me.  I’m wearing my fur today.”  I then remembered that morning when I was on my way to the salon, speaking with my mom about how cold it was and she too had asked me almost the very same thing, with me replying to her as well, “I’m wearing my fur coat.”

Now I don’t say this to boast about what I have.  Everything that I own comes from the hand of God.  And I don’t take anything for granted, big OR small. For I hope to be like Paul when I say, I have learned whatever state I am in, to be content.  But the Lord said two things to me concerning this.  First of all, when you have something of value, wear it.  It shows how much you appreciate what you have. 

Too many times we, especially as women, save our “good” things, our fine jewelry, our nicer outfits, the designer bag and shoes, the fur coat, for special occasions.  We tend to save them for a ‘rainy’ day or a birthday celebration or somebody’s wedding.  But God said every day you wake up is a special occasion.  It’s a day that you have never seen before.  A day filled with brand new mercy.  It’s a new day and that makes it a special one.

God said when we put away our best, or save our best for last, so to speak, when we treat our things like that, we treat them as if they own us, dictating when, where and how we can use them.  But when we wear them, simply because we enjoy them, they are ours.  We own them and it shows in how we’re wearing them. 

I have seen and perhaps you have seen as well, men who wear suits and men whose suits wear them.  They are just clothes on their body.  You can readily see the difference in the two.  The same thing when you see people wearing sweats.  Some people look very comfortable in them.   They still look good.  They still look pulled together.  Others just look sloppy.  They just look like they threw on some clothes.  It shows in how they are wearing them.  It’s in their confidence.

I heard that statement again in my head, “She’s wearing that coat.”  Which means, I am owning my coat.  I am dressing up the coat giving it life, it is not dressing me.  It is not just on.  I am not concerned about what I’m wearing, only that I’m wearing it, because it is mine.  I own it and I’m wearing because I own it. 

And then I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that, this is the same thing with purpose.  When you know your purpose, what you are here for, what you are designed to do, created to be, you walk in it.  You wear it.  You own it.  You are confident with it. 

It is evident in how you walk.  It is evident in how you carry yourself.  How you talk.  In how you go about your day on a daily basis.  In how you live.  It is a part of you.  You live life on purpose, with purpose.  You live with intention and it shows.  You’re not concerned about people, what they think, what you look like to them.  You’re not concerned about whether it’s the right time to do what you have born to do, you’re not concerned with any time.  You’re not concerned with whether or not what you do will work.  You don’t even think about it, it just comes to you.  You just walk in it.  You put it on and you wear it. 

It comes out of your mouth when decisions come before you, basing your decisions on whether or not it falls in line with your purpose.  You can easily identify when things don’t line up with your purpose.  You simply carry out a life driven by purpose that you take on.  You own it.  It’s yours.

I wore my coat because it was cold.  And because I did not want to feel any type of cold, my inhibitions, (whatever they might be, saving it for the special occasion) went out the window and I WORE my coat.

Purpose is your because.  The reason behind you doing the things you do.  Know yours and wear it.  Well.

I’ll be wearing mine (and my coat if it’s cold enough), the next time you see me.

Because God is real, I am,

A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E

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