Saturday, March 7, 2015


I was watching Judge Judy the other night and two people were declaring their case.  It was a dog case and whether or not one sold the other a sick dog.  Anyway, Judge Judy is hearing all the facts about the case and at one point, the case is starting to lean in favor of the defendant.

Judge Judy begins or rather continues to pick apart the plaintiff’s case (as only she can) and the defendant feels a need to raise her hand to plead her cause.  Judge Judy motions for her to put her hand down, she does and then two seconds later, she puts it up again.  This time Judge Judy says to her, “Does it look like I need your help?  You’re winning.”  The defendant nods in agreement and puts her hand down, but just a few seconds later, it goes back up.  Judge Judy addresses her yet again, “Why do you keep on interrupting me?” she says.  “Does it look like you’re losing?  You need to learn when NOT to open your mouth.”  The defendant puts her hand down for the third time. 

Then I heard God say that we are so much like the defendant.  The enemy files a case against us and he brings us before the Judge.  God.  Jesus is our Advocate.  He is pleading our case.  He is doing the questioning, but He is also doing the fighting.  But for some reason we keep raising our hands in our own defense.   We keep interrupting Him in the middle of the case, delaying the judgment.  Delaying the outcome.  God also said we need to learn to keep our mouths shut.  We need to stop wanting to defend ourselves and let Jesus plead our cause.  

We are always standing before a righteous Judge and our case is always leaning toward His side.  Leaning in our favor, but we don’t let Him judge because we are too busy trying to make Him see our side.  What we’ve done.  In our own righteousness. 

God already knows what you’ve done.  He has already seen it.  Your righteousness in and of itself is as filthy rags.  But in Christ you are made righteous.  And He is fighting for you.  “You don’t need to fight in this battle, My child, only stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.”

We are not standing still if we keep raising our hands.

It is Jesus who fights our battles.  We just need to keep our mouths shut and let Him.  And it is God Whom we are standing before, our righteous and Holy God.  How could we not win?

“Does it really look like I need your help?  I GOT THIS.”  Saith the Lord.

When Judge Judy was finally able to judge the case and state the outcome, the defendant won her case.   Just so you know.

But God is real. 

A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E

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